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  • 2021-02-19

If the epidemic is well controlled, export demand for resuming production and resumption of work, tourism supplies, and mechanical and electrical products will increase. With the upgrading of domestic consumption and the implementation of the “Excellent Import and Export” plan and active expansion of import measures, especially import trade innovation to promote the construction of demonstration zones, advanced technology and equipment, key components, resource products, domestic agricultural products in short supply, Imports of high-quality daily-use consumer goods will increase substantially.

China has effectively controlled the epidemic and ensured the rapid recovery of supply capacity; China’s complete industrial system and technological innovation capabilities have shown resilience in response to shocks; the Chinese government has promoted trade and investment facilitation, expanded export credit insurance, promoted exports to domestic sales, and optimized cross-border Measures such as the border renminbi policy have promoted "stabilizing foreign trade."

FREE AUTOMATION COMPANY LIMITED is a powerful supplier engaged in the supply of industrial products for more than ten years, providing diversified products, comprehensive PLC modules, DCS parts, and ESD system cards. Our products are widely used in oil and gas, chemicals, petrochemicals, mining, energy and utilities, pharmaceuticals, electronics, food, etc.

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